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Laudato si Attested “sasrai-Movement”. UN, INGO, NGO Officials, Students need Orientation on “sasrai-Movement” Pope’s “Cultural Revolution”

We must get Each Child Caring to Each Particle of Food & Resources

Wish the Peace for Each to ensure Rights for all

save a bit, reserve, preserve, rejuvenate and conserve resources

Let's have zeal to self tune in sasrai-Movement policy and be committed to save resource and reduce solid waste no matter how small it is in our daily living. Plz relentless to voice from all corner across the globe

  • Please, save a drop of water daily, during all water related activities
  • Please, plant at least a Native tree annually at own home or community
  • Please, let's waste not single particle of food
  • Please, let's waste not single particle of any resource
  • Please, keep off electric appliances one minute daily
  • Please, suspend travel by personal car once a day
  • Please, keep a day in a week luxury free
  • Please, do not throw away the waste wherever you like
  • Please, No more junk food
  • Please, Buy items made from recycled materials
  • Please, save one minute to think on Climate Change and Environment
  • You Can Reduce CO2 Emissions, Plant Native Trees Worldwide
  • You could uphold the movement instantly using sasrai-Movement appeal at the bottom of your all printed material

sasrai-Movement - Initiative Local Outcome Global - Work Locally Serve Globally


Dear Madam/Sir

Greetings from sasrai-Movement that works voluntarily since 2004 across the globe aimed at promote prudent and sustainable consumption and conservation, optimum use and reduce the abuse of resources. sasrai target to animate, activate each individual, family, community, institution, organization to Combat Climate Change, global warming, food, fuel, water, poverty, disaster, waste, ecosystem, biodiversity - finally reverse the devastating trend of globe. Road map towards the implementation of the United Nations Millennium Declaration - sasrai brings into focus Six MDGs, 09 time-bound targets and 31 quantitative indicators.


Climate change, climate variability and extremes are affecting our food production and will most challenge our food security. Farmers and extension services have been baffled on ways to address this uncertainty, manage crop production and ensure good harvest. Climate change is a global problem, and yet each one of us has the power to make a difference. Even small changes in our daily behavior can help prevent greenhouse gas emissions without affecting our quality of life. In fact, they can help to save our money.

To meet the challenges sasrai-Movement could be one of the most effective vehicle we urge to all uphold it. It stands for plain, simple and easier life for all, as less as possible, consumption of resources in our daily living. It urges initiating it in own life, at home, at own place. It stands for democracy, diversity, decentralization, tolerance, transparency, self-reliance and peace. Its first consideration is tomorrow, the future generation, who have not spoiled a bit of this earth's resources, the children, who have not committed any sinful act. It believes in community potentials to solve their problem, adaptation by the available resources they own right now.

It stands for giving up the luxuries that destroy the earth's resources. It stands for reuse, recycling as maximum as possible. The students, the youth, the hope of the future, can start by devising their way of serving the humanity, the planet. We encourage devising own instead of suggesting, directing like big brother. Because environment doesn't accept, tolerate dictation from powerful or powerless.

We are open in share of our vision, mission, learning and experience. We try to start the initiative in our personal life, at homes. The students and teachers here are encouraged to start practice in their personal life, class rooms, in schools and homes. Then they could appeal to friends, neighbors, relatives and to the others.

We try to use empty pots, small pieces of land by planting saplings. Our preferences are medicinal plants, vegetables. We try to avoid one-time-use items. We try to switch off our electric bulbs and fans for at least one minute a day. We encourage avoiding using air conditioners.

We sit with the students and teachers and they collectively decide their steps. We start in a smaller way. We try to avoid to be dominating. We think if any organizational structure is formed then all have to take the post of "leader" by rotation. We believe in local resources and fund to launch any initiative. I hope, we can talk on more functional issues in future.

Till today we have taken decisions collectively in a democratic and participatory way. We generate funds by selling used/old household items, by putting our labor. We encourage in cutting luxury, unnecessary cell phone call, cool drinks, junk food etc. We try to walk as maximum as possible but obviously not at the expense of health and time.

sasrai Volunteer demand your kind contemplation to spread sasrai across the globe effectively. Please keep a sasrai-Movement slogan at the bottom of your each letter or any other publication. Please keep a sasrai-Movement banner at your office gate.


SM Farid Uddin Akhter 

Secretariat In-charge


email: Phone:+88 01553 748 354

Let's we try to save one Taka/dollar/pound/yen ........from our daily use, consumption, expenditure, LUXURY combat the CLIMATE CHANGE, GLOBAL WARMING and the sequences.

Let's be a desired friend to all creature, humanity, environment, earth

Plant for planet, water for world, environment for entire

sasrai – sustainable augmentation, solicited restraint, animated integrity

Earth can meet the need not greed/abuse

Laudato si Attested “sasrai-Movement”. UN, INGO, NGO Officials, Students need Orientation on “sasrai-Movement” Pope’s “Cultural Revolution”

We must get Each Child Caring to Each Particle of Food & Resources

Wish the Peace for Each to ensure R…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Volunteering


  • 48/A [2nd Floor] Joynagar 1st lane, Chawkbazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh
    Chittagong, B

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