A Place For Hope, Inc. of York County, SC

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Rock Hill
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About Us

A Place for Hope, Inc. (APFH) is the neighborhood resource center for the Blackmon Road Community. We provide after school and summer programming for children, evening education and job development training for adults, and serve as an advocacy organization for and in partnership with the residents of the Blackmon Road Community in York County, SC.

The Blackmon Road Community, comprised of approximately 100 people of predominantly African-American descent, has been identified by South Carolina’s state-level health and human services agencies as the one of the most environmentally, economically, and socially distressed communities in South Carolina. The South Carolina Department of Environmental Control ranked Blackmon Road as number 1 of 46 communities statewide for water availability needs and number 29 of 75 communities for sewer needs. Residents of the community live without indoor plumbing, bathrooms, or showers, drink from contaminated wells, and on average have a grade school education.

APFH is committed to providing essential material resources, hands-on educational training and job development programs,life enrichment opportunities, and psychological hope for the residents of the community who find themselves living at the intersection of race, class, and gender inequalities. APFH is about social justice through social service, education, and socal change.