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About Us

Future First USA’s mission is to raise career expectations for students in public school communities by harnessing the power of engaged alumni networks.

For generations, American private schools, colleges, and universities have leveraged the value of engaging alumni in strong, well-connected networks after they graduate. The shared positive experiences between current and former students at a school creates a pipeline of graduates who have a natural affinity to the generations of young people that study there in years after them.

At Future First USA, we asked: Why couldn’t we do the same to strengthen our public schools and communities?

Inspired by two successful programs in the UK and Kenya, we launched our efforts in 2013 with a pilot in schools and communities in Connecticut (already showing early signs of effectiveness!

Through our evidence-based model, we help public schools mobilize their alumni to inspire and assist current students in meaningful ways. As volunteer mentors, advocates, and role models, alumni provide practical career advice for the 21st century, foster positive relationships, and strengthen school pride and connectedness - all proven to be key for academic and social success. Our robust web-based technology platform enables these connections to happen no matter where alumni live using a well facilitated and highly-secure environment.

The benefits are numerous for students, as well as for alumni, educators, employers, and entire communities and the need is clear. Looking forward, we’re expanding to schools across the country to turn our vision into a reality.