Darfur Women Action Group

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1629 K St NW
United States

About Us

The Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) is a women-led, anti-atrocities organization based in the United States. DWAG was founded in 2009 by group of committed Darfuri and American women in the United States to address the current issues affecting Darfur society with special emphasis on those obstacles that are directly impacting women during the conflicts and the future of Darfur.

Our mission is the empowerment of Darfuris in the United States and in Darfur through capacity-building, education, skills building, learning, and through the promotion of leadership among those who are historically excluded from participating in the social, economic, cultural and political life of the Sudanese society. DWAG supports women’s empowerment so that they can take leadership roles in advocating for Darfuri rights and the promotion of positive changes in Darfur and Sudan at large. DWAG also works with victims and survivors of the genocide in Darfur both in the Diaspora and inside Sudan, providing them with access to tools that will enable them to lead the effort to combat violence, address massive human rights abuses in their societies, and work with others to prevent future atrocities while promoting global peace.