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About Us

Three Hots and A Cot is a 501c3 organization (TAX ID # 26-4355458) formed by veterans to help veterans. Our primary mission is to assist homeless military veteran’s transition from life on the streets into a self sustained lifestyle.

History - We obtained a six bedroom home in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham in March of 2010. After extensive renovations of the home – called Saint Benedict’s Veterans Center – we opened up for housing on June 15, 2010 and provided a home for 12 veterans. Currently we have renovated the home to house eight (8) veterans to comply with space requirements of the State and Federal guidelines. In October of 2010 we took ownership of a 15 bedroom – seven bath home in the Center Point area of Birmingham. We opened for housing at this location on December 18, 2010 and currently provide a home for 13 homeless veterans at this location plus housing for 4 formerly homeless veterans who now serve as part of the staff at Three Hots and A Cot. In September of 2011 we brought in our first female homeless veteran – and now offer co-ed housing as needed to serve all of our veterans. We opened our first shared living facility in Woodlawn the end of August and is now home to three veterans in long term and more permanent housing.

Success Rate - Since we have been open, we have had 212 veterans in our residency program.

135 – Have moved into independent housing, reconciled with families or moved on to other VA programs.

47 – Were dropped from program – at their request or for failure to comply.

30 – Residing at houses, actively in program.

We have seen nearly an 80% success rate in our program thus far.

We house 31 men & women each night. Each year we provide a total of 1,044 trips to the VA Hospital & 10,950 nights of shelter & 32,850 meals for the veterans in our program.

Changing one life at a time - Our Initiative is not new - it is not that much different from what many organizations are doing across the country. Our Initiative is needed. There are homeless men and women on the streets of Alabama that served our nation. For various reasons these veterans of the Armed Services find themselves living on the streets, in abandoned houses, under bridges, in old warehouses, in city parks, and in the back of rental trucks. They are homeless. Three Hots and A Cot is a 501c3 organization founded by veterans - to serve our brothers and sisters who need our help. NOT a Homeless Shelter - but a gateway to Independence. Whatever the need of the veteran - we will help them meet it. Whatever the road block is - we will help them move it. Whatever the hurdle in the veteran's path - we will help them climb over it. Three Hots and A Cot's objective is to be a source of healing and prevention of a national tragedy.