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About Us


Camp Onas is a place where children have FUN. They enjoy a variety of programs to nurture their creativity, spirit, individual development, and their sense of community. We help them become more aware of their capabilities. As a Quaker camp we have a strong sense of service, our spirituality, a close connection to nature and our environment. We create a vibrant camp for the individuals in our camp community by fully utilizing the resources and skills of our past and current staff. Outside specialists augment our program with unique activities.

Expand our Family/Community

Camp Onas is a diverse community where all are welcome. We work to expand our family by inviting those who may not know about camp to find out more and for new campers and groups to attend. By increasing camper aid and reaching out we ensure that all those who wish to come to Onas can. The Onas experience transcends our boundaries. Outreach programs such as Neighbor’s Day and Conservancy Day engage our local neighbors and community. Our alumni association has annual events to ensure that our “family” stays connected and continues to support camp Onas. Our family has grown through our strong bond with the larger Quaker community.

Balancing our Census - Boys=Girls

Camp Onas is a co-ed camp with a balanced Boys Side and Girls Side. We ensure maximum usage by understanding and enabling the human potential of both boys and girls. We have been able to tailor our programs to address the understanding that boys and girls age differently both physically and psychologically. Through careful mentoring, a wide variety of activities, and embracing dirt, we have ensured that our “all are welcome” approach extends equally to boys and girls for an enjoyable camp experience.


Part of our stewardship to nature is to live and teach the ideas of sustainability to our camp community. This is accomplished through nature oriented activities and programs. We are leading by example and not simply with words by incorporating many sustainable technologies such as solar power and other green practices, because even our tiny camp can have huge impact.

Sustainability also extends beyond the physical entity to the sustainability of the camp as an organization and our development of a capital plan. This is done through the use of special funding for camperships, the strong connections sustained through our alumni association and the development of our human resources in a changing world.