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About Us

SaveABunny, founded in 1999, is a 501 c3, award-winning, nonprofit, volunteer-based animal rescue organization that rescues 300+ abandoned, abused or neglected animals per year. Our guiding mission is to help urgent cases of animal neglect, trauma and abuse via both traditional and complementary therapies. All work is funded primarily by donation and staffed by volunteers. According to the ASPCA, rabbits are the third most frequently euthanized animal in the country.

SaveABunny is often the only resource for abused, neglected and homeless companion rabbits. We operate as a place of refuge, beauty and healing for animals in need, as well as volunteers, donors and supporters. We are widely recognized for a high success rate for animal rehabilitation and re-homing and developing long-term, life-saving partnerships with municipal agencies/shelters and other groups or organizations. We welcome a diverse group of volunteers and offer real world, hands-on humane learning experiences for both adults and children.

Rabbits needing rescue include: highly adoptable rabbits who have run out of time at shelters, those deemed unadoptable because they have health or behavioral issues, and special-needs rabbits requiring surgery, life-long sanctuary or specialized medical attention resulting from trauma, neglect, or abuse. Once a rabbit enters SaveABunny, he or she will never run out of time and will always have a home as a foster until adopted. Rabbits are as intelligent and sensitive as cats and dogs. They bond for life with their human guardians and rabbit friends. They grieve deeply when they lose this bond. Rabbit can learn their names, like to play with toys and use a litter box (just like a cat). They are not meant to live confined in cages and require at least 4-5 hours of attention and safe, indoor exercise each day.

One example of a successful long-term program is our organization's partnership with San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC). In 1999 before partnering with SaveABunny, SFACC had a 90%+ euthanasia rate for rabbits. Due to SaveABunny's rescue work and the dedication of staff/ leadership at SFACC, the euthanasia rate for rabbits is now close to 0%.

SaveABunny maintains a creative and informative website and participates in community outreach and special events. All our rabbits are spayed or neutered, and undergo medical and temperament evaluation before being placed up for adoption. We carefully screen potential adopters and require that all rabbits from SaveABunny live indoors as a treasured member of the family. We provide free, ongoing support to adopters, and we make a lifetime commitment to the safety and well-being of the rabbit.