Estudio Cavernas

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460/7 Intarakiree Road
Mae Sot

About Us

Estudio Cavernas is an architecture and construction non-profit organization based in Mae Sot, a small town on the Thai-Burma border. Over the last several decades, thousands of people from Burma have fled to Thailand to escape war as ethnic people have long been marginalized and targeted. The border hosts many exiles fleeing such violence. 

Estudio Cavernas works closely with local communities to identify their needs with the intention to offer a solution that combines design and innovation with local labor and materials, creating something unique that is connected with the local culture and way of living.

The project aims to combine the process of building with the training of migrant workers to gain the necessary skills for working in construction. While we work along with our team in the construction of our projects, the training process occurs in a natural and progressive way.