For A Better Bronx

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About Us

For A Better Bronx Vision/ Mission

For A Better Bronx (FABB), was born when a group of visionaries and dedicated environmental and social justice activist realize that the struggle for social and environmental justice for the people of the Bronx requires a more holistic and inclusive approach. It is time to bring the work on environmental and social justice back to being of and by the people. For A Better Bronx is working towards making the South Bronx a safer, healthier and more just place for its residents. It advocates for the community while educating and organizing it’s primarily working class and low-income community residents to be able to have power in the institutions and affairs affecting their community and their lives. It has a particular dedication to addressing environmental and other forms of racism which poison our community. This organization is committed to creating community programs focused on producing the resources-social, environmental, economic and educational, to ensure a better way of living for the people in the Bronx.

FABB has a commitment to community empowerment and justice and to create a space for action toward achieving racial, economic, health, food and environmental justice. Our lens for analysis is Environmental justice with an aim to transform of economic / political systems that create environmental injustice and pollution in our community.

Our understanding of the impacts of environmental racism is that it has impacts not only in the physical level but as well in the emotional, spiritual, real of our communities at the individual level but as well as a collective. Therefore, to be able to address adequately environmental racism our actions must integrate this aspect in the design and analysis of strategies and tactics to be used in the South Bronx. Furthermore, FABB emphasize in our work and analysis the intersection between environmental health and environmental justice.