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Our mission is to keep at-risk Latin American youth on the path to an educated, independent lifestyle. The Starfish Foundation, Inc. provides scholarships and guidance to high school students in extreme poverty who wish to continue their education, encouraging and inspiring them to reach their dreams. We strive to keep young people off the street and empower them to overcome difficult life circumstances without falling into the seemingly inevitable cycle of poverty.

The Starfish Foundation currently has 3 main programs.

Scholarships: The Starfish Foundation (la Fundacion Estrellitas del Mar) provides scholarships to high school students living in poverty in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Invitations are extended based on financial need and the motivation to continue education. Once accepted to the program, The Starfish Foundation distributes the scholarships in the form of all books, uniforms and materials required by the school. In order to remain in the scholarship program, all students attend monthly meetings with the in-country representative at which they present their grades and participate in workshops, as well as participate in our tutoring program.

Tutoring: Starfish Scholars receive free tutoring (from other scholarship recipients or Starfish Mentors) in subjects they find challenging. The tutoring program aims to empower the students to succeed in school as well as develop leadership skills through helping others. This is one way that Starfish Scholars give back to their communities!

Community Service: All of our students, to demonstrate their commitment to their studies as well as their social commitment to their community, participate in community service. In sharing their gifts and talents with the community through teaching art classes, giving educational presentations, helping with community work-days, advocating for social programs and tutoring other students, our students give back to the community in which they live. Being a Starfish scholar does not just mean that one receives financial support to attend school. Starfish Scholars are invested in a well-rounded educatoin that empowers leadership and future success. We believe that through support and empowerment, our Starfish Scholars will become the future leaders of their communities.

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