Culture Reframed

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About Us

Culture Reframed builds public and professional capacity to address hyper-sexualized pop culture and pervasive online pornography. We envision a world that embraces a healthy approach to sexuality, free from the harms of porn culture.

Founded by internationally renowned scholar and activist Dr. Gail Dines, Culture Reframed is the first health promotion effort to recognize and address pornography as the public health crisis of the digital age. We are a multidisciplinary team of experts and scholars helping to build the public’s capacity to deal with pervasive sexually violent online pornography.

Culture Reframed responds to the pornography crisis by providing education and support to promote healthy child and youth development, relationships, and sexuality. Our research-driven programs teach parents and those in the helping and healthcare professions how to recognize and respond to the role pornography can play in sexual violence, unhealthy relationships, internet and sex addictions, negative self-image, sexual dysfunction, depression, sexually transmitted infections, injuries, and other health problems. We aim to empower participants to create positive and lasting change in families and communities harmed by the sexually abusive and hypersexualized media that marks the digital age.