Center for Leadership and Educational Equity

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About Us

The mission of the Center for Leadership and Educational Equity is to provide leaders with professional learning and support to create equitable outcomes for students in our schools.

We invite you to take a moment and imagine: What it would look like, sound like, feel like if every child had his or her unlimited potential unleashed every day, at every school? This questionand the images of insatiable young minds at work that it inspiresis why we, the Center for Leadership and Educational Equity (CLEE), exist. We believe that the ideal learning environment you have just imagined IS actually possible; moreover, that pursuing this ideal is essential to achieving equitable pathways to excellence for all learners. However, we also know that to make this ideal a reality, we still have much work to do, and we hope you’ll join us in our efforts.

Why? Despite the vast and varied efforts put forth both within and outside of classrooms, we remain far from the vision you just imagined. And, we are much further for some students than others. For decades, our underserved student populationsstudents categorized as low-income, English Learners, African American, Hispanic, Native American, and/or with disabilitiescontinue to show less growth than their peers.

CLEE believes that these predictable outcomes for our underserved student populations MUST be disrupted; that high and equitable outcomes for ALL students CAN be attained; and, that skillful leadership is the key.

For over 15 years, CLEE has been building a network of school educational leaders that now impacts nearly half of Rhode Island students. Based upon our research and the success of the school leaders developed through our two cutting-edge programsthe Principal Residency Network (PRN) and the Learning Leader Network (LLN)CLEE remains convinced of the transformational power of facilitative leadership to dismantle barriers to high and equitable student achievement.