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About Us

The mission of the José Valdés Math Foundation is to procure and provide financial support to its associated institute, the José Valdés Math Institute. The José Valdés Institute provides comprehensive mathematics education to middle school students, particularly the underrepresented and lowest performing (1-4 years below grade level), so they can successfully complete algebra by the end of the 9th grade.

The Valdes Institute Summer Math Program consists of a 182 hours of math instruction over 28 days held on a college campus. This program offers 6.5 hours of instruction each day with a minimum of 2 hours of homework each evening. Classes are taught by a credentialed teacher assisted by two college level Program Assistants. Students are bussed from their local schools to the University (and back) each day. They board the busses as early as 7AM and return to their schools after 4PM each day. Each class has a maximum of 25 students.