Center for Safe Energy

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About Us

The Berkeley-based Center for Safe Energy, a project of the Earth Island Institute, supports the growth of independent non-governmental organizations which are concerned with environmental issues in the former Soviet Union (FSU) and links them in joint efforts with their US counterparts. The Center has a small office with a paid staff of 3-4 people and many volunteers conducting US-FSU exchanges in the area of environment, energy and civil society.
The Center's principal objectives are:

• To foster energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources in order to phase out reliance upon nuclear energy and fossil fuels in the US, former Soviet Union and other countries;
• To support the growth of independent nongovernmental organizations that are concerned with energy issues in the former Soviet Union, and to link them for joint efforts with their counterparts in the US and other countries; and
• To build the strength and effectiveness of the nongovernmental sector in the former Soviet Union, to aid democratization.