Forsaken Generation

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About Us

Forsaken Generation is more than just an organization, we are a movement. We are made up of hundreds of volunteers from all across the country dedicated to ending domestic minor sex trafficking right here in the United States.

​According to the State Department 34 children every. single. hour. Right here in our country will be forced into the horrific world of child trafficking. Every year that's 300,000 children.

Through awareness, education, policy advocacy and our Oasis shelter project we will rescue and restore these children who so badly need our help.

Our vision: Prevent. Rescue. Restore. to END child trafficking in our country.

​Our mission: The mission of Forsaken Generation is to prevent domestic minor sex trafficking from taking place through the implementation of our human trafficking educational curriculum which is aimed at educating middle and high school students nationally. We will work to create better policies on both the state and federal levels to provide better protection for child trafficking victims and significantly stronger penalties for traffickers. Our Oasis shelter project will rescue and restore domestic trafficking victims through an extensive Christ centered holistic program.

Forsaken Generation is a 501c3 non profit organization operating as a ministry ofLakes Church. EIN: 16-1282751