Disadvantaged African Child Project

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About Us

Changing society through caring for children and young people, who after all, are our hope for the future.

GOAL: To ensure that children and young people have access to opportunities, resources and services that would promote healthy relationship that allows them to grow to their full potentials.

ACTIVITIES: The convention of the right of the child forms the foundation of all activities of DACP. Through international cooperation, partnership building with children and NGO¡¦s in Nigeria and other countries, advocacy and development education, organizing seminars, workshop and conferences on children rights/abuse and neglect according to UN charter on the child¡¦s right. . OBJECTIVES: „« Increasing awareness of problems, issues and alternative solutions for child abuse and neglect at every level.

„« Facilitating the exchange of knowledge about problems, issues, solutions and actions.

„« To promote the care, well being and development of all children in need, especially the deprived, the abused, the destitute and the homeless.

„« Identifying, sharing and improving practices and models for detection, treatment and prevention.

„« Designing and facilitating education and training professionals and concerned volunteers in prevention as well as provide counseling ,education and vocational skill training for children and young persons in need .

„« Promoting and facilitating research and dissemination of academic and practical information for exchange of information and action.

„« Providing foster care or adoption for rehabilitated children until maturity or adulthood.

DACP believes that every child has the right to be loved and cared for and to feel safe, in and out of home environment. Child abuse and neglect takes place in almost every area of our society, our work will take place both at the general public level and directly with communities and families. DACP believes that protecting children is everyone's business and requires a whole of societal and community approach. DACP facilitates close relationships and collaboration with and between governments, practitioners and wider sector, corporation with communities, families¡¦ carers and children. It is by working together in collaboration and cooperation that we can achieve the greatest impact on children.