Hispanic AIDS Forum, Inc.

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213 West 35th Street
12 Floor West
New York
United States

About Us

The Hispanic AIDS Forum (HAF) is New York City's largest Latino-run HIV/AIDS organization offering treatment education and innovative prevention services to the city’s Latino population. HAF’s mission is to reduce HIV transmission and secure timely, quality support services for Latinos affected by HIV/AIDS. HAF fulfills this mission through multi-faceted, integrated prevention and education programs: Prevention Education Programs

  • Foster an increased awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS in Latino communities.
  • Address those attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that place Latinos at risk, and provide individual and couples risk-reduction counseling, Wellness Programs and Support Services.
  • Assure that Latinos affected by HIV/AIDS receive the maximum benefit from available resources and services.
  • Provide emotional support and empowerment to individuals affected by the disease.

Research, Policy and Development

  • Documents the health-related needs of Latinos in order to advocate for and guide the formulation of public health programs and policies that are responsive to the needs of Latino communities in New York City and nationwide.

HAF operates three community-based offices in some of New York City's largest Latino neighborhoods: Lower Manhattan, West Queens and the South Bronx.