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About Us

1.As engine of mass literacy eradicator of our population in mostly rural areas, bringing awareness of maintaining very high hygienic environment and fight against malaria fever, tuberculoses, HIV/AIDS pandemic etc…… 2.Bringing much computerisation to the mainly large rural folks population 3.Giving assistance to the vunerable groups in the society like, ,women in pregnancy, old women in distress, retired ones as well, as children on the street and all categories of handicapped persons. 4.The regrouping of women and handicapped persons and others into co-operatives for reduction of poverty. 5.Formation of disciplined groups to act as agents during major elections in Benin Republic. 6.Creating awareness of the population on the meaning and benefits of decentralisation. 7.Keeping of main cemeteries and other smaller ones in and around Porto-Novo township.

We would want to share very needful and precious ideas in eradication of these worst diseases of our time:HIV/AIDS,MALARIA FEVER,TUBERCULOSES HUNGER AND PORVERTY that are fastly taking toll on the World population ,especially in Africa where we are located.