Beder International University

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About Us

Beder International University (BIU) is a communal and non-profit university. which is accredited by Somaliland Ministry of Education and Higher Studies as well as the National Commission for Higher Education. BIU is under supervision of Board of Trustees and Administrative Council.

BIU offers all levels of educational programs (Diploma, Bachelor, Postgraduate, Master and PhD degrees) in affiliation with some international universities.

The main objective of BIU is to cover educational needs of the society in the horn of Africa at large and particularly in Somaliland.

It is currently offering different programs in the fields of Islamic Banking and Finance, Islamic Economics, Media and Mass Communication, Modern Management, Law, Islamic Studies, Information Technology and more.

BIU which is the first specialized university in the field of Islamic banking and finance in the horn of Africa is sincerely committed to provide quality education for all.

It is concerned with the creation of competent graduates as a footstep towards enriching the human capital pool locally and internationally.

The University is managed by a group of dedicated and innovative professionals and scholars who have devoted their lives to producing intellectuals and practitioners whose characters and personalities conform to the moral values and core Islamic principles in order to contribute their talents to the economic, social and political progress of their society.


BIU aims to be among the leading international universities, excelling in teaching, learning, research, innovation and to provide standard higher education for upcoming generations in the Horn of Africa


The mission of BIU is to attain quality and distinctiveness in teaching and research for producing graduates with sound proficiency knowledge, good moral character, a wholehearted sense of social responsibility and a passion for lifelong learning.