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About Us

Youth Association ALFA ALBONA is a non-profit and non-political association of young people, established to promote the interests and activities of youth.

The purpose of the association is to encourage involvement of young people to fulfil their needs and create a lasting foundation for the development of communication among young people to promote their interests and addressing the specific problems with which this segment of the population faces. The ultimate goal is to help young people integrate into society in all its spheres to achieve their permanent socio-economic independence.

The objectives of the association are: encouraging the development of creativity of young people, guiding young people towards the acquisition of additional skills and knowledge, encouraging young people into organized and meaningful use of leisure time, expanding volunteerism, solidarity and communication among young people, encouraging non-institutional education of young people in all areas, integration of youth in international educational and cultural trends, protecting the health of young people and especially the fight against all forms of addiction, IT education of young people, encouraging young people to an active involvement and participation in all spheres of public and social life, building partnerships with non-governmental youth organizations and local governments to achieve goals for the benefit of youth.

To accomplish these goals the Association is working on the following activities: designing and implementation of projects to improve the quality of life for young people, developing and implementing non-formal education to build a civil society, organizing workshops, counselling, lectures and public discussions regarding the topics engaging young people organizing and coordinating volunteer support network for young people, organizing concerts and festivals for young people, provide information and advisory service to help young people in finding the (first) job, encouraging young people to engage in science, art, culture, education, entrepreneurship and other aspects of public life, publishing magazines, books, leaflets, brochures, organizing cultural and sporting events, establishing cooperation with other NGOs in the formulation and implementation of programs and activities of common interest and performing other appropriate activities to achieve the objectives of the Association.