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About Us

At Science from Scientists (SfS), we believe that anyone who is curious about the way the world works is a scientist. With unique and engaging hands-on lessons informed by Massachusetts state & Next Generation Science national standards and taught by real, charismatic scientists, we hope to inspire students to see that science is in everything. Our SfS staff scientists work alongside classroom teachers to compliment and enhance their curriculum with hands-on lessons taught in an engaging, discovery-focused manner.

This year, SfS is working with over 5,000 3rd-8th grade students in 55 schools in Massachusetts, California & Minnesota. Since our founding in 2002, we have served over 20,000 students in all of our programs.

By working with students every two weeks over the course of the year, our scientists are able to serve as mentors, improving student attitudes and aptitudes towards science. 

By offering our program during the school day, we capture and engage every student in the classroom, especially those that may not otherwise show interest in STEM or be able to participate in STEM programming outside the school day. We measure our success using pre/post test evaluations and by tracking the MCAS scores of students in the program.

In 2013 & 2015, SfS was awarded @Scale Endorsement from the MA Department of Higher Education for being one of the top five most effective STEM organizations with demonstrated impact on improving student interest and achievement in STEM and supporting classroom science teachers through a free Professional Development Program designed to build on SfS classroom visits.