Lula Washington Dance Theatre

  • CA


3773 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Lula Washington Dance Theatre (LWDT) is currently seaking undergraduate and graduate interns to assist with the administration of LWDT. This is a great opportunity to gain some office skills, learn about the inner works of a dance company and school, while earning cash via workstudy, or for class and/or volunteer experience.

Also known as Lula Washington Contemporary Dance Foundation, our founding mission is to build a world class contemporary dance company that travels world wide with contemporary modern dance works that reflect African American history and culture.

Our education mission is to create a school in the inner city where young people can learn the art of dance, launch careers in dance, and where dance is used to motivate, educate, inspire, challenge, and enrich the lives of young people so they can become successful, productive and competitive citizens.