About Us

VITATEAM is open for free cervises in the field of non-formal education in frame of life-long learning for people of Ida-Viru County wich is different to other parts of Estonia due to language spoken - russian. We cary different projects out, and at the same time we try to follow every year developing plan (agenda), and year project is related to 4 strategical directions: 1. youth work 2.information guidance learning (developing this issue in our region)

Our organisation works without membership wich help us to be open for any person, who decided to stay with us as long as he wants. 2 years of work showed that main Target group who is staying with us for longer (2 years) is youth in age 14-18 years old. The rest of the group starting from 18 years and older use mainly infoservises and consultaions on different topics related to career issue, also sometimes they initiate a project idea, and we help them to write project and implement that.

We work a lot (last year) and now with National Agency of the european programm Youth in Action, and due to this coopeartion we are having a lot with schools and gymnasiums.

We do a lot, but we depend a lot on human resource, and we are smal team still. For the moment we started with EVS programm for ourself, and I hope this year we host a volunteer into our team.

VITA is also a part of EURODESK network, and we have our networks inside country and organisation as well.

Personaly, I work in youth field for 7 years, and was always connected to youth policy issues, and developed youth work on local level. I dicided to go to the third sector, and be more closer to people (and I do believe it works for me good), I hope I will have chance to develope VITA and make sure it is always opend for people in our region. That is why I always happy to have partners for sharing experience, and doing good things for people we were meant to be opened.

I guess it is brief start of VITA inroduction, and if you fill that one of our strategic direction is very useful for cooperation, I would be happy to have more closely the possible projects ideas or maybe you have on some project.

I am always happy when I have possibility to offer our Target group something useful and interesting!