Network Of African Women Alliance

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About Us

Network of African Women Alliance (NAFRIWA) is a community based organization that was founded in 2006 by young women once teenage mothers as a merry go round, It was later registered under the Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services in February 2008 as a Kenyan CBO operating within Kasarani Constituency. NAFRIWA empowers her beneficiaries through a holistic and integral personal development in restoring self esteem and human dignity . It seeks to empower the under-privileged young women/girls socio-economically from the informal settlement of Kariobangi and its environs in Nairobi, Kenya.

If you ask any Parent who has brought up girls, they will definately affirm to you that teenage pregnancy has been their greatest fear. No wonder some parents are overly harsh especially in view of the increasing promiscuous society we live. But despite being forwarned some girls still get pregnant. In trying to address the underlying factors ; NAFRIWA came up with the initiative to give a second chance to the many teenage parents, once sexually abused, engaged in misappropriate drug use, commercial sex or had an unsafe abortions to become agents of positive behaviour change among their peers.