80 Million Strong

  • DC

About Us

80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs is a coalition of youth organizations, representing the Millennial generation. Our mission is to unite young Americans to own and direct their economic reality

To do this, we convene stakeholders who propose legislation that creates new jobs for the new economy.

It's a coalition designed to leverage the innovation and solutions of young Americans in order to create federal legislation through a consensus-driven, citizen-centered process. We believe that today's Millennial generation needs jobs now, especially in the face of student debt, lack of health insurance, and massive un- and underemployment. Times are tough for everyone, of course, and we're asking the Millennial generation to step it up and make legislative change now that they've accomplished change at the ballot box. The 80MS coalition offers Millennials a process to create federal legislation from the ground-up with the aid of technology and deliberative dialogue.