Angels of Rawley Foundation

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San Diego

United States

About Us

We are an all-breed, no-kill, family-run dog rescue in San Diego, California. We are currently in our infancy stages and working on building a committed network of fosters to help us care for and adopt out dogs in need. 

We got our start in September, 2016 when we rescued three scruffy Poodle mixes who were showing symptoms of a neurological disorder. We were told they could not be adopted out, due to their issues. However, after a little TLC and comprehensive vetting, we learned their issues were based on poor nutrition early in life and that with proper care, all of their symptoms could be easily managed (to the point where one of the pups eventually became completely asymptomatic). Those three pups - Lenny, Squiggy, and Laverne, were adopted out within 8 weeks. And so our rescue was born.

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