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About Us

At Smart TV Stars our core mission provides the building blocks to promote philanthropic behaviors. We have designed an awareness contest, which allows everyone To Be a Star. Our contest offers aspiring actors, actresses, and journalist, the opportunity to be discovered for their talents. While delivering an awareness campaign for non-profits all over the world, developing and encouraging philanthropic attitudes.

Our additional social success program provides “Interactive Studio Tours", for Chicago high school and junior students. We want to raise awareness for career opportunities on the internet, as well as for public broadcasting. The students will experience a live production news show designed and developed by the Smart TV Stars crew of producers, directors, writers and stage interns. After the live news show the crew works with the students to prepare for their own live news show, highlighting their school news, and other subject areas the students want to deliver. The students will take their video production back to school and to their families to share their video production.