FAO Office of Evaluation

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About Us

The FAO Office of Evaluation (OED) was established as a separate organizational entity in January 2010 - an outcome of the Immediate Plan of Action for FAO Renewal approved by the FAO Conference in November 2008. However, an evaluation function has existed in FAO since 1968. FAO’s new evaluation policy is enshrined in the Charter for the FAO Office of Evaluation. OED reports jointly to both the Director-General and to the Council, the latter through the Programme Committee. Evaluation functions as part of the overall oversight regime in FAO, along with external audit, internal audit, inspection and investigation. The Office assures the effective operation of the evaluation system in the Organization. It also plays an active role in UN System inter-agency discussions for strengthening and harmonizing evaluation approaches and criteria. All FAO evaluations, management responses and follow-up reports are available to the public through OED Website.