Fox Haven Organic Farm & Learning Center

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3630 Poffenberger Rd

United States

About Us

Inspired by the wisdom of the natural world, Fox Haven is a gathering place, grounded in nature and contemplative practice, dedicated to nurturing deep and creative conversations among people, restoring human connection with the natural world, and engaging with the living, sacred earth. It provides a calm atmosphere to slow down, hear each other and learn from nature.

Fox Haven is a place for people seeking innovative and systemic solutions to the complex social and environmental problems threatening our planet by slowing down, listening, observing and learning from nature. We are cultivating a sense of wonder and joy in discovering the secrets and mysteries of the natural world.

Fox Haven sits at the creative intersection between people and the natural world of which we are a part. Fostering innovative practices for our shared wellbeing, we are building healthy soil for healthy food to feed a healthy community. Practicing regenerative agriculture, we are restoring the health of the land, protecting the water quality of Catoctin Creek and providing habitat for wildlife.

By modeling innovative organic farming practices that are alternatives to chemically intensive agriculture, we are part of the solution to shrinking biodiversity. We are regenerating  healthy ecosystems, by building nutrient rich soils, to produce healthy food for healthy people living in harmony with the earth, and providing local solutions to global problems.