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About Us

Our Mission: To surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Three beliefs undergird the work of CIS:
 First, we believe that many students – especially those who live in poverty – bring to school external challenges that undermine their potential for academic success;
 Second, we believe that connecting community resources with schools provides these students with the tools they need to be successful; and
 Third, we believe that change for student success happens within the context of relationships with well-trained, caring adults. Communities In Schools places full-time social service professionals on public school campuses to strategically align and deliver needed resources so that students can focus on learning. Using a research-proven case management model, these professionals assess student needs, collaborate with the students and their families to develop individualized service plans, and implement these plans through a combination of brokered services, supported referrals, and the direct provision of services and supports. CIS brings mentors, afterschool programs, tutors, and AmeriCorps members to the campus to support our case managed students.

Core Values

 Holistic, Collaborative Services: Each child's success is made possible by an intricate web of support. We work as a team to consider and strengthen the whole "web" of each family.
 Advocacy: We fight alongside those who are oppressed, wronged, and unheard to increase justice and dignity in people's lives and in our community.
 Communication: Clear, consistent, and timely communication is key to our success.
 Accountability: We value goals, feedback, guidelines, and defined responsibilities that provide direction and motivation.
 Empowerment: We value freedom and authority, rooted in mutual trust and respect.
 Innovation: We celebrate new, creative ways to use resources and accomplish our mission. We dare to experiment, to invite new partnerships, and to improve our work.
 Dedication: CIS employees understand that our jobs affect people both inside and outside the agency. We are passionate about helping families, children, and each other, as professionals. We are willing to go the extra mile to make sure the job is done and the needs are met.