Holy Trinity San Francisco

  • CA

About Us

Our Mission
The mission of Holy Trinity is “To live our faith, grow the Church, and serve the world as Orthodox Christians.” We are guided by the moral principles proclaimed in Scripture and two millennia of Christian Tradition, the Great Commission of our Lord to “Make disciples of all nations” and the knowledge that all humanity will ultimately be judged by the way we have provided for the “least of our brethren.”

Our Values

Holy Trinity avoids micro-managing projects and stifling initiative by stating clearly both our mission and our values. These values form the sign post that keeps our parish on track as we grow together. Our governing values are:

- Parish Involvement
- Mutual Care and Support
- Trust 
- Being Faithful (Moral & Pious)
- Sharing Leadership 
- Sharing Responsibility
- The Orthodox Tradition

Our Vision

The following goals will shape the vision of the Holy Trinity leadership team during the next five years:

-Increase Congregational Involvement
-Train & Develop Leaders
-Improve Communication/Trust
-Attract & Welcome New Members
-Expand Relational Groups & Our System of Caring

-Make Better Use of Our Resources