Howard University Law School Clinical Law Center

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About Us

The primary goals of the Clinical Law Center are to (1) provide a high quality course of training for law students, allowing students to develop the skills necessary for career-long commitments to public service; (2) provide excellent civil-rights oriented legal services to underserved and indigent individuals; (3) serve as a nerve center in Howard’s social justice operations; and (4) help develop the next generation of civil rights attorneys.

The Clinical Law Center offers six (6) live-client clinical experiences: the Criminal Justice Clinic (CJC), the Fair Housing Clinic (FHC), the Civil and Human Rights Clinic (CHRC), the Investor Justice and Education Clinic (IJEC), the Intellectual Property and Trademark Clinic (IPTC), and the Child Welfare Clinic (CWC).

The CLC also offers the following externship opportunities: General (for students in diverse placement settings); Advanced (for students who have already participated in the externship program); Judicial; ADRC-DR: Rule of Law Human Rights Fact Finding Project;  Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC); Internal Revenue Service (IRS); Environmental Justice; Criminal Defense; Alternative Dispute Resolution Consortium (EEOC, Dept. of Homeland Security, International Trade Administration); and the ADR-Experiential Learning Program with the World Bank Group.