Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

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About Us

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is affliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and a member of the New Jersey Synod, ELCA. Organized in 1952 with a dedicated and youthful membership of about 95 people, the church continues to experience a variety of ministries that a number of church members take part as a way to put their faith in a loving God into action; namely, serving others in need whether in the greater community or within the congregation. Sixty years later, the membership of @ 670 people (children and adults) has evolved to include a core group of adult members (ranging in age from mid-forties through early-seventies) who do the lion's share of hands-on ministry. However, we have a greater number of members who currently are not linked to a ministry team, or who even take part in one-time service projects that would serve others in need beyond the congregation, or could help expand the congregation's ministries to others, whether within or beyond the congregaiton.

We realize we need someone who has the gifts and skill set to assess members' gifts and talents, and then invite and recruit them to take part in a ministry team and/or event or service project.

We would like to hire a Coordinator of Volunteer Ministry for 10 hours a week at $15.00 per hour, for a period of 6 months with the option to extend the 6 month period to a permanent position should the staffing task force give a positive review of the coordinator.

The scope of the job includes: Supports all ministries of the congregation by identifying volunteer needs and effectively recruiting people for the needed support. This position will also develop the infrastructure for recruiting and managing volunteers including role descriptions, training and effective tracking and maintenance of a volunteer database.

Qualifications & Skills: + Must have demonstrated supervisory, administrative, organizational and communication skills; + Excellent computer skills including all Microsoft Office Programs and Database usage and maintenance; + Must have excellent foloow-up abilities; + Demonstrate confidentiality, courtesy, self-motivation and empathy; + Must have excellent interpersonal skills and a drive to include people in the daily life of the congregation and community.