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About Us

SeraphimGLOBAL, a 501(c)3 organization established in 1996, provides health, education and social support for the world’s most vulnerable populations. Our goal is to improve human rights, individual and community access to health services, and the education of professionals and paraprofessionals.

SeraphimGLOBAL was founded by Dr. George Contis and a group of medical and international development professionals affiliated with Medical Service Corporation International (MSCI). As a pediatrician, Dr. Contis and his team cared for infants and children from all parts of the globe who suffered from childhood diseases. Dr Contis recognized that “guardian angels” often protected these children until they reached the entrusted hands of a medical practitioner. Thus, the six wings of the seraphim angel serve as a symbol for the forces that work together to bring about positive change in community life: health, human rights, education, technology, economic growth and the environment.

SeraphimGLOBAL has provided health care, community development, social services, clean water and sanitation to marginalized and rural communities. Our teams have served the victims of a prolonged civil war, natural disasters and provided hundreds of thousands of people with primary health care, maternal and child health services and health education.

We are headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.