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About Us

Water for Waslala (WfW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the water crisis in Waslala, a municipality in central Nicaragua where over 56,000 residents live in 85 rural communities.​ Due to a lack of potable water systems, nearly all Waslalans are forced to drink from polluted local rivers, causing severe illness and inhibiting personal and regional development.​ Water for Waslala seeks to permanently end this crisis by working together with the Waslalan people to provide every Waslalan man, woman, and child with access to safe drinking water within a generation.​

Since its inception in 2004, WfW has provided a daily supply of clean water to over2,500Waslalans.​ On the ground in Waslala, WfWsupports several full-time staff to deliver its program objectives.​ In the US, Water for Waslala consists of a volunteer Board of Directors, which oversees the organization’s fundraising and programmatic activities.​

Learn more at www.​waterforwaslala.​org.​