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About Us

About TriLatino

TriLatino is a triathlon and endurance sport based multi-cultural charitable organization. Our focus is to ensure we educate our community on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through the involvement in sports. We also partner and support other organizations that share a similar mission.

Triathlon and Endurance Sports From novice to local elite, TriLatino creates an environment where athletes of all capabilities can thrive together. We train, compete, and celebrate our accomplishments as a family.

Healthy Living Raising awareness about the negative effects of living a sedentary lifestyle paired with the many diseases that plague our community due to of eating habits is also a priority for TriLatino. By encouraging healthier living and informing members of our community of the benefits of good nutrition, we can offset diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, amongst others.

Charitable As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we strive put together programs or support other organizations that directly impact the communities we live in. In 2012 TriLatino is moving forward with the second season of TriLatino Junior to benefit high school kids in the South Bronx. We've also worked with other non-profits that elevate our mission, such as The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, Neighbors Together, and The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) to name a few.