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About Us

The Cante Sica Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization founded to run The American Indian Boarding School Visual History Project and related creative endeavors.

The American Indian Boarding School Visual History Project is an interactive website that will educate users about the history of the American Indian boarding school system, a policy of forced assimilation imposed on more than 100,000 Native American children between 1879 and 1975.

The project will train teams of Native historians and filmmakers to collect visual testimonies from Boarding School survivors from five regions across the U.S. The testimonies will be edited into excerpts that can be accessed in an immersive multimedia environment. Interactive and downloadable lesson plans will help teachers use the website in their classrooms. Meanwhile, the full interviews will be stored in a visual history archive that will become a valuable repository of primary sources for scholars, students and Native nations worldwide.