WMD (Wisdom, Mediation, and Dialogue) Foundation

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About Us

Initial goals/objectives/etc.:


Our mission is to give Americans an opportunity to promote healing and reconciliation with the people of Iraq, as well as our own and coalition soldiers and their families through the offering of an apology for the pain and suffering our actions have caused, thereby fostering an environment of peaceful, rational discussion where conflicts can be resolved nonviolently.


Saying "I'm sorry" is often difficult, but it is a phrase that can also be one of the most transformative and healing in any language when said with sincerity.

We wish to encourage a dialogue that acknowledges our shared humanity and our collective responsibility for the consequences of our actions. In so doing, we hope to create space for common ground and the recognition that all people share in the human condition across cultures, genders, sexual orientation, languages, geographic barriers, and socioeconomic groups, regardless of religion or origin.

We dedicate this site to the path of mutual, sustainable habitation, not as an epitaph for humankind, but as the title page to what is yet to be written.