SHIELD Foundation (Society for Health, Innovation, Education, and Liaisons Development)

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About Us

Shield Foundation represents “Society for Health, Innovation, Education, and Liaisons Development.” The Foundation’s mission is ‘to facilitate good mental and physical health and to foster equal growth opportunities for everyone in the society’. Centered in Dharavi (Asia’s largest slum) in Mumbai, India, the Shield Foundation is focused on developing and delivering educational, medical, recreational, vocational and nutritional services to disadvantaged populations. Key programs include SHIELD's vocational training program for unemployed women to learn respite care giving for home-bound senior citizens who otherwise do not have access to adequate homecare; skills training for tailoring and beautician work for young women in the community; case work for academic, vocational, pre-marital and domestic violence cases; English-speaking courses; and health check-up events.

Shield Foundation was created in 2009 by Swati Ingole. During her time as a qualified social worker (MSW), she encountered high rates of neglected and abused elderly living without moral or financial support, and decided to create the Foundation to help these and other underserved individuals.

Shield Foundation is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 [Registration number – MAH: 165/2010 (N)]