Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center

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13 Prospect Street Suite 201
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About Us

The Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center (WDRC), a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization, has been serving Whatcom County since 1992.

Overview of Services: The WDRC offers conflict prevention and intervention services for businesses, organizations, individuals, and families. On a prevention level, the WDRC seeks to build the capacity of community members to better manage conflict as it arises, and to learn ways to minimize the possibility of it occuring. To this end, the WDRC offers trainings for young people and adults, all in an effort to build skills and reduce unproductive conflict.

Recognizing that conflict is a normal and natural part of life, and sometimes people and organizations need non-adversarial assistance, the WDRC also provides mediation, facilitation, and consultation services to those in need of some type of intervention.

Mission: The mission of the WDRC is to promote understanding, tolerance, and healing in our community by helping people transform conflict into creative and harmonious outcomes. To this end, the center will educate and train people in peaceful conflict resolution and provide competent and neutral third parties to mediate or otherwise empower disputants to resolve conflicts in equitable and cooperative ways.

Vision: For Whatcom County to be a community in which people deal with conflict in creative and healthy ways.