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About Us

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Warren-Washington Association for Mental Health, Inc. (WWAMH) is to improve the quality of life for those affected by mental illness and to promote the awareness and importance of mental well-being in the community.

To adhere to these ideals, we abide by to the following principles:

  • We will operate in a client-centered manner with respect for the individual’s rights to self-determination and self-expression.
  • We will treat individuals with respect and with recognition of their human dignity and we will strive to dismantle barriers between providers and recipients of services.
  • We believe in the ability of individuals to improve and grow when positive conditions for growth are created.
  • We will work in active partnership with recipients of services as well as with families and other agencies and organizations.
  • We will provide services and develop environments that help mediate stress and reduce the incidence of psychiatric crisis and need for hospitalization by improving the quality of life of people in the community through meaningful treatment and community support programs.
  • We will work to expand the resources available to individuals and opportunities for personal development and growth.
  • We will work to educate the public and the legislators as to the legitimate needs and rights of people with psychiatric disorders or problems as well as to the real nature of mental illness, the efficiency of treatment, and the importance of mental health to society.
  •  WWAMH is funded through private donations, contracts with state and county departments and through fees charged for some of its services. WWAMH’s clinical and all programs receiving county or state funding are operated under the supervision of County Community Services Boards. Membership and community support are important to WWAMH, since many of the people served are without insurance or income.

Our Programs

Agency Programs: Care Management

WWAMH Care management program is designed to work with individuals and families diagnosed with a Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) or Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) to access services and providers to support their health and recovery goals. Each care manager meets with individuals and families to develop a plan of care supporting his or her personalized goals and needs. Some of these services may include: obtaining treatment providers, mental health and substance abuse services, medications, housing, and social services. Other community programs supporting and assisting improvements in health outcomes and the elimination of barriers are made available to the client.

Agency Programs: Residential

WWAMH’s Residential Programs are houses and apartments where individuals with psychiatric disabilities live, while developing skills needed for independence. Programs are designed to offer differing levels of support to a person in their efforts to achieve his/her highest level of well-being. Costly hospitalizations are reduced by providing caring and skilled intervention in times of crisis. Services promote a person’s capabilities through companionship, education, counseling, vocational training, and respite. The duration of each person’s stay is based on their individual needs. These programs are available to those individuals who are of 18 years of age or older. They fall under two distinct categories. Residences that are treatment focused and those that are primarily supportive housing. There is currently no funding for specified LPN positions to support the residents’ medical and psychiatric needs.

Treatment Focused Residences

WWAMH offers two types of treatment focused housing: Community Residences and Community Living Apartments. Community Residences (Genesis and Pearl Street) offer a group home environment, providing a high level of support for people in their earliest stages of recovery. Round the clock staff provides crisis intervention, rehabilitation counseling, social and living skills development, symptom and medication management, community integration, and resource development. Alternatively, the Community Living Apartments (Maple Street and Satellite Apartments) provide support and guidance through individualized service plans created in partnership with the service recipient. Services are a continuation and expansion of those services provided in the Community Residences. Residents learn more about managing symptoms through medication and therapy, improving daily living skills, pursuing education, vocational and employment goals, solving transportation needs, and increasing their comfort with broader social interaction. Staff meets with recipients from one to seven days each week to provide direct services and supportive counseling.

Supportive Focused Residences

WWAMH also offers two types of supportive housing falling under the names of Supportive Housing and Housing First. Supportive Housing helps individuals ready to leave psychiatric centers or community residence programs, as well as homeless people with psychiatric disorders, in finding quality, permanent and independent housing for themselves. After having settled into a new home, clients regularly work with staff to maintain stable living in the community. Housing First provides safe, affordable, permanent housing for 18 individuals with histories of homelessness as well as being disabled by mental illness and/or substance abuse. The priority of this housing model is to provide stable housing in an empowering, supportive environment with the goals of increasing residential stability, enhancing tenant skills and fostering greater self-determination.

Agency Programs: Clinical Counseling

Caleo Counseling Services, the outpatient mental health clinic of WWAMH provides individual and group psychotherapy to children, adolescents, adults and families. These services are available to people living in Warren and Washington Counties, and surrounding areas. Treatment is individualized, and treatment goals are developed in collaboration with the client and family. Psychiatric evaluation with medication management is available if it is determined that this would be beneficial to the client. Services are provided by licensed clinicians and prescribers.

Agency Programs: Support Services

Support Services focus on supporting and enhancing recovery and wellness by offering a variety of opportunities in a flexible, person-centered manner. There is no charge for services, except benefits management, which are completely voluntary and based on individual goals and preferences. Support Services incorporate several subdivisions illustrated below:

Benefits Management

This service assists with money management and benefits. Representative payee services are available to those receiving Social Security. Individuals are also assisted in applying for Social Security benefits, filing appeals and hearings, completing redeterminations and reporting change.

Dual Recovery

Dual Recovery provides services for those in recovery that are dually-diagnosed with mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Dual Recovery utilizes mutual supports, empowerment, and recovery activities to support the individual, while also working on a larger scale in the community to move toward a more integrated system of care.

East Side Center

East Side Center is an adult psychiatric rehabilitation program “clubhouse,” supporting personal growth and wellness through social, recreational, creative, learning, volunteerism, employment, and community participation opportunities. Staff members facilitate and engage members in programs and activities, as well as offer supportive counseling and advocacy to empower members and enhance recovery. Medical and non-medical transportation provided through East Side Center is an essential component to successful community living.

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Warren-Washington Association for Mental Health, Inc. (WWAMH) is to improve the quality of life for those affected by mental illness and to promote the awareness and importance of mental well-being in the…

Issue Areas Include

  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction


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