Albany Park Neighborhood Council

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3334 W Lawrence
3rd Floor
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About Us

The Albany Park Neighborhood Council (APNC) is a community organization that unites 25 member institutions, including religious institutions, schools, ethnic associations, service agencies, and other non-profits around common values of social justice.

APNC is based on the premise that residents themselves hold the solutions to the problems that face their communities. APNC’s organizing approach involves training and developing local leadership, identifying common issues, creating collective and strategic ways to address those issues, and systematically strengthening institutions.

It is APNC’s mission to create a safer community, improve the quality of education, provide a voice for youth, preserve affordable housing, increase access to affordable health care, and to sustain a mixed socioeconomic and ethnically diverse community in Albany Park and the surrounding communities of Irving Park, North Park, and West Ridge.