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About Us


Our flagship program is a centrally coordinated network of local annual theater Festivals. Mainstreet launches Festivals and then supplies them with a minimum of three new musicals each year. Featured selections are chosen by Mainstreet’s Evaluation Committee comprised of professional directors, music directors and choreographers. Selected shows receive Mainstreet’s Directors’ Choice Awards (DCA) and are given staged readings in all Mainstreet Festivals.


During the year, local Festival project directors produce staged readings of selected DCA winners as fundraisers for local charities, community radio stations, theatre companies, or university theatre programs, and/or other local charities.


Working with independent theatre producers, Mainstreet will supply Festivals with touring attractions: sneak previews of new shows, concerts, acts, and other events. Each show will tour through Circuits consisting of two or more Mainstreet Festivals.

MAINSTREET In the Schools

High School Songbook

Each year, the Evaluation Committee compiles some of the best new show tunes for performance in concert by high school chorus and soloists.

Campus Musicals

College groups select DCA-winning musicals to present as staged readings. Professional directors and choreographers supervise preparation. PLUS: A “grab-bag” of shows from Mainstreet’s archive of DCA shows is made available to theatre students (for use in scene study classes) at participating colleges.