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About Us

Foster care is intended to be temporary, but over 38,000 California children wait for permanent families. These children move from foster placement to foster placement, many ultimately ageing-out without the safety net of a permanent family. Within 2 years 50% are homeless, incarcerated, or dead.


Families NOW removes the barriers that prevent these children from getting and keeping the permanent families they need. Our work has changed child welfare beliefs, practices, policies and legislation resulting in the adoption of thousands of children previously considered unadoptable.


Our success is rooted not only in passion and perseverance, but by grounding our advocacy in advances in neuroscience, behavioral economics, behavioral science, and the skillful art of storytelling. Families NOW’s unique combination of fiscal and behavioral science tools with practice and policy tools creates a groundbreaking and compelling story that is shifting minds and hearts. It is really quite simple: we know how to find families for these children and can do so at no net cost, therefore we have a moral and fiscal imperative to do so. Our purpose is to assure that those imperatives are fulfilled.