Housing Development Center

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About Us

Housing Development Center is a nonprofit with more than two decades’ experience providing integrated property solutions to support affordable housing and human service delivery. We work with organizations in Oregon, Washington and throughout the United States to develop, preserve and sustain affordable housing and community facilities that serve low-income families and individuals.

Since 1993 we’ve…

-          Worked with 52 nonprofits and housing authorities to develop and preserve more than 5,200 units of affordable housing and 295,000 square feet of community-facility space.

 -          Helped more than 80 affordable housing owners build asset management capacity and strengthen existing property portfolios, which collectively provide affordable homes to tens of thousands of low-income families and individuals.

 -          Assisted public jurisdictions and industry partners with the development and implementation of innovative policies and practices that have saved the affordable housing system millions of dollars.

 -          Provided $1.95 million in low-interest loans to finance needed community developments, through our affiliated HDC Community Fund.