Jugend Umwelt Projektwerkstatt


Turmstr. 14a
Bad Oldesloe


About Us

  • JUP! ... "Jup!" / Jugend Umwelt Projektwerkstatt / is youth, non-governmental, environmental organisation. In English the name means - Youth Environmental Project workshop .
  • We are... All members of JUP! are volunteers. Some are doing international voluntary service -EVS / European Voluntary Service / or national -FÖJ /Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr/ - Environmental Voluntary Year /, some are just local youth willing to do projects or activities concerning the Nature protection. To work in JUP! is not necessary to be a member of the organisation itself. Jup is a place where young people can spend much time to learn and to work on environmental projects or initiatives.
  • Principes... Funded in 1991 till today the principles for work in JUP! are:

Freedom of projects - which means that, not only our projects can be developed and ran in JUP! Also other young people or youth groups are welcome to work on their projects and ideas, here. Self-organised and self-responsibility - which is to say, that we do not have boss. All members of Jup! are with equal rights. Everybody is free to take responsibility as much as he/she can care efficiently . There are not preferences or privileges by age, religion, race, sex or political opinion. In opposition to the majority of other organisations, here the participants can decide freely what they want to do and what is correct and good for them. They can decide to run or just to support a project. Sometimes it's tricky and a challenge , to be your own boss and work independently. It's a process of learning!

  • Activities...

Ø The environmental magazine "Ö-Punkte" is produced by the Jup! in co-operation other organisations. We also created and printed a book for places and possibilities for voluntary service and work all over the Europe. You can have a look at: www.ecojobs.de

Ø The "Dia-archive" /Slide-archive/, is archive in which lots of slides are collected from different environmental actions ,landscapes , animals etc. This often helps to people willing to print a book, magazine, leaflet or just have slideshow presentation.

Ø We manage also to lead other self -organised projects... A few examples of what the participants did this year are: a bicycle-tour to Sweden against the Nuclear energy , a Christmas action, a Global Action Day action, seminar for leading Youth-groups, social-politic-environmental congress, Fundraising and finances seminar .

Ø We are willing and planing to created a homepage about ecological jobs in Europe. This is new project and is still on the "start position".

Ø We have an environmental library, where more than 3,000 modern books are at the disposal of everyone who is interested in environmental issues.

Ø The " Ecomobile ", a former circus wagon ,built up by a group of young people. With this vehicle we are able to drive through the country and participate in different activities on environmental, political and social topics. It can also be used as a kitchen on demonstrations, for street - theatre or as a biologic laboratory.

Ø Selling books and other materials, for environmentally conscious people- mostly by post.


The office of Jup is based in INIHAUS ,which is an independent youth centre- "Initiativen Haus". It consists of a cafe-room, concert room, the library, room for youth groups meetings and the JUP! office.