Wedgwood Cooperative Preschool

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8208 18th Ave NE

United States

About Us

Wedgwood Cooperative Preschool is a well-established preschool in Northeast Seattle that has been offering enrichment programs for children (and parents!) for over three decades. Wedgwood Coop offers three classes for students of various ages, including Toddlers, Pre-3's, 3-5s, plus an extra day for Pre-K students.

At Wedgwood Coop, children are intellectually stimulated through age-appropriate activities:  art, sensory, puzzles, books, imaginative/dramatic play, and music. Creative, safe play equipment lets kids exercise both large and fine motor skills. Emotional development happens in a controlled, safe setting where children can learn about their feelings. And social interaction helps kids learn appropriate behavior - plus they make friends!

Wedgwood Coop is more than a preschool - it's a community. It's a place where you can connect with other parents and kids in the neighborhood, bond over shared experiences, and form lasting friendships. A diverse group of families contribute to the spirit of community at Wedgwood Coop, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color or creed.