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About Us

As a grassroots organization, Windows has a unique structure of Palestinians from both sides of the Green Line and Israeli Jews, on all levels of the organization. We all share the belief that the situation of occupation, oppression, human rights violations, and discrimination is unacceptable, and peace is not possible without addressing the real needs of the people sharing this land. 

Windows has acquired unique experience in developing and implementing long-term educational programs for youth. These programs lead to sustainable changes of perceptions, attitudes, and behavior by addressing the core issues of the conflict with broad contemporary and historical perspectives, both local and global, as well as by offering emotional support throughout the process. 

Since 1994 Windows has empowered hundreds of people to ask their own questions and encourage a more critical social discourse by creating alternative media such as “Windows, Hebrew-Arabic magazine”, exposing tens of thousands of readers to researched information about past and present events. The magazine has been distributed in dozens of schools through school workshops adding to the standard curriculum topics rarely addressed. Training programs for educators enable us to share our many years’ experience and a public program comprised of art projects, tours, lectures and workshops encourages open debate in a safe environment. Solidarity actions make a difference in people's lives. 

Today, many of those who participated in Windows programs along the years are part of the circles who promote the idea of a future based on justice and equality for all.

Our programs are mainly focused on the Youth as we believe that education is key to producing sustainable change in attitudes, structures and institutions that will foster peace.

  • The Youth Media and Action Program is our landmark project. It is a 2 to 3 years educational program meant to raise awareness, dialogue and open-mindedness through Single-Identity Groups workshops that lead to bi-national encounters. Since its launch, it has been bringing critical and constructive discourse to participants' communities, thus producing sustainable change and mutual respect.
  • Our Teachers' Training program consists in providing capacity-building to teachers and peacebuilding facilitators, such that they acquire the ability to deal with conflict-related issues in class and workshops, with sensisivity, neutrality and mutual respect.
  • Our Resource Center will consist in an online informative database for awareness and dialogue about the Israel-Palestine situation. Consists in creating a Timeline that compiles articles addressing various subjects.
  • Our public program consists of enlightening Tours of Tel Aviv and in the West Bank, movie screenings, workshops and art exhibitions.
  • We hold Arabic Classes to encourage direct communication between different communities.

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