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About Us

A dynamic women’s entrepreneurial development organization, Empowered Women International creates social empowerment and economic opportunity for immigrant, refugee and American-born women who face challenging economic and personal circumstances in the greater Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

We offer a holistic model of empowerment through entrepreneurship and workforce training, mentoring, access to markets and capital, and highly individualized support services that remove women from unemployment and isolation, restore their lives and livelihoods and help them reach their fullest potential.

Since its inception in 2002, EWI has helped more than 3500 women overcome the barriers to meaningful employment, transform their own lives and contribute to their communities. The organization has launched more than 220 women’s micro-enterprises of which 70% are still in existence. Each year EWI serves more than 300 women. This investment in women results in a powerful multiplier effect. Each woman graduate of our program pays it forward through her own business networking, community engagement and volunteer work, impacting the lives of many others in the community and around the world.


EWI believes in a world in which women are treated with respect and dignity.

We believe in a world in which women are valued and rewarded fairly for their creative abilities, cultural assets, knowledge, and skills.

We believe in the extraordinary power of the arts, entrepreneurship, women's voices and their cultural heritage to empower women, transform their lives and livelihoods, and build multicultural understanding.


Launch and grow women-run micro-businesses through entrepreneurship training, mentorship, business support services, loans applications and market access

Help women integrate, act as agents of change and improve their lives and livelihoods through community participation, civic engagement and cultural programs and events


Through “Entrepreneur Pathways for Women” (EWP), EWI offers clients training programs and support services, collectively designed to take a holistic approach to each woman’s economic mobility and  personal growth.

EWI currently offers two training programs as part of EPW:

Entrepreneur Training for Success (ETS) - A three-month, 60-hour course in business, workforce, life and leadership skills. ETS strongly emphasizes the fundamentals of micro-entrepreneurship, combined with the basics of financial literacy. 

Grow My Business (GMB) - A six-month business development program designed for ETS graduates and other women who have already initiated their own startup micro-businesses. 

In addition, Entrepreneur Support Services (ESS) offers year-round personalized business assistance, referrals for support services, and workshops aimed to address the multiple needs women face while embarking on the path to entrepreneurship. Women not only succeed by gaining targeted business knowledge and skills, but receive support in overcoming barriers towards personal and professional growth.

EWI entrepreneurs integrate in the community and develop a sense of belonging, engage with other businesses and community members, form new bonds and social networks, and bring their lives and micro-enterprises into the life of their communities. 


EWI uses the power of the arts, entrepreneurship, women's voices and their cultural heritage to empower women, transform their lives and livelihoods and build multicultural understanding. We help women integrate into the community and recognize their contribution to the fabric of our society.

EWI delivers a holistic model of empowerment through entrepreneurship training, mentoring and community service that builds women's confidence and leadership skills. Our comprehensive three-month entrepreneurship training coupled with follow on business coaching, marketing support and civic engagement opportunities help entrepreneur graduates create pathways to self-sufficiency and citizenship.

EWI's empowers the whole woman, not only teaching her the skills she needs to launch and grow a business, but using positive mentoring and peer-to-peer relationships to help women build confidence, leadership skills and become engaged members of our community.

Graduates of our programs not only become entrepreneurs, but changemakers in their communities giving back through volunteer service, mentoring and philanthropy.

EWI women micro-entrepreneurs contribute to a sustainable local economy and planet. Many launch micro-businesses in the arts, food, creative industries, education, wellbeing and the social sector. Despite the challenges they face, these women are innovative and relentless. They create businesses that solve community problems, generate innovative products, produce locally made food and teach, re-cycle and "up-cycle" products into art objects, and design local clothing, fashion and accessories.

All these micro-businesses create a stronger and more sustainable local economy, a thriving creative industry and a fertile ecosystem for female entrepreneurs.