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About Us

Established in 2002, Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism (LEAP) Africa, a nonprofit organization committed to developing dynamic, innovative and principled African leaders, has dedicated its efforts to working with visionary youth, business owners and social entrepreneurs. Over the years, LEAP has inspired and equipped its beneficiaries to lead ethically while implementing positive change projects that transformed their communities and organizations; thereby sustaining livelihood and contributing to national development.

LEAP conducts extensive research which serves as the basis for its innovative business leadership curriculum and publications. It has published eight books on topics such as ethics, governance, talent management and succession planning. Through the support of funders and partners, LEAP has worked in 26 states across Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory. To date, it has reached 30,000 individuals through its core programmes and over 250, 000 individuals through its local and international speaking engagement.



LEAP invests in continuous primary and secondary research on leadership, values and social change in Africa. This research serves as the basis of its innovative curriculum and training programmes which are designed for personal, organizational and national transformation.To date, LEAP has published the following books: Defying the Odds, Get on Board, Rage for Change, Building a Culture of Ethics, Passing the Baton, Attract, Retain and Motivate Talent, Critical Strategies for Building a Sustainable Organization and Essentials Steps for Creating an Ethical Organization.

Leadership Programmes

LEAP offers a range of training programmes for youth, business owners, social entrepreneurs, managers and public officers. Areas of training include life and employability skills development, personal and organizational leadership, governance, business ethics, succession planning and talent and organizational management.

CEO’s Forum

LEAP holds an annual CEO’s Forum to support SME development in Nigeria and equip business owners to build sustainable organizations. Launched in 2005, the CEO’s Forum exposes business owners to the importance of planning for their succession and instituting effective systems, structures and values within their organizations, to ensure long term sustainability.

Social Innovators Programme and Awards

Prior to 2012, Social Innovators Programme and Awards was referred to as the Annual Nigerian Youth Leadership Awards. Since 2004, LEAP hascelebrated and supported young social innovators who are positively transforming communities across Nigeria. The Awards also inspire and challenge ordinary Nigerian youth to make extraordinary changes in their immediate environment.